Guifurt & Red Tour

Guilherme Furtado is an art director whose work focuses on the fashion and music fields, using areas such as multimedia, design, and fine arts to create meaningful experiences. Subject matter relates to timeless aesthetic with key inspiration themes being freedom, adventure, nostalgia and youth.

Tireless traveler with a unique and unconventional wit, Guilherme has been exploring the world for the last 3 years driven by his project Red Tour, collecting the source of inspiration for his projects, books and art works.

Gerador - Outside is Home Book, 2020.
EASR - Outside is Home Book, 2020.

SIC - Music Video for GTA, 2019.
RTP1 - CLN festival, 2017.
Gerador - CLN festival, 2017.

Shifter -  CLN festival, 2017.
Gazeta da Caldas - CLN festival, 2017.
Jornal das Caldas - CLN festival, 2017.

Nominated for best Fashion Film - Vogue Portugal, 2015.
Excelence Award - Music Festival Visual Identity, 2014.

Portuguese Surf Film Festival, 2021.
Gliding Barnacles, 2021.

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